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Let's get a few things straight. PCCC is not a public relations company. We're not a marketing company either. We don't specialize in developing advertising campaigns or handling your crisis or new product PR. We tried that and it wasn't our bag. 


What we do is arm your marketing and PR people with some serious ammo so they can be rockstars at what they do. We help them think creatively by providing better options for communications, enticing video and by lending our take on the current state and future direction of your brand. 


If you ask us what we think of your brand, we'll tell you our unbiased, unfiltered opinion. We will also tell you what we'd do if we were you. Because we aren't working at your location, we can help you see things from a different point of view.

You can take our brand advice and run with it, or tell us to hit the bricks. Either way, we're here to help your business succeed and grow with an honest assessment of your brand - and we'll tell you the truth, even it burns a little.

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