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What is corporate storytelling and why is it important?

Corporate storytelling is about telling persuasive stories that motivate and inspire your customers to take action. It's about diving deeper into the "why" behind the "what", and crafting stories based on your customers' true interests, needs, wants and perspectives. 



For example, a video testimonial is a great way to show would-be customers or clients what it's like to interact with your business, purchase your products, etc. This type of storytelling is what we call "evidence-based" storytelling, as it speaks to proves your worth to new and/or prospective customers by using the evidence found in past/current customers.


Not all corporate storytelling is evidence-based content. Sometimes, it's about helping your clients gain a better idea for what kind of business you are, who the people are at your business, and what makes your business unique. This is what we call "perspective storytelling", and an example of this would be a video or publication about your business from the inside out. Think of it as telling stories about the people who work for your business, what your business stands for, and what matters most to you and so on. It's about helping your prospective clients gain a better understanding or perspective of who you are before they interact with you. 


This is the most straightforward type of storytelling, which speaks to what you do and what makes it great. These stories explain your products in an engaging way, tell why their important or needed and lastly, why you should be their choice and not the competition. 



Customer testimonials

Company overviews and profiles


Product/feature demonstrations

Event capture

and more


Persuasive copy/blog writing/web copywriting

Advertising copywriting

Social media management

eNewsletters/email campaigns

Custom publications

and more

Content Communications: Service


If you understand the value of content marketing, you're on the right path. PCC can help you improve your efforts by carefully researching the right topics to cover that best match current search trends and get your stuff noticed. Better yet, we want to help you maintain a dialogue with your customers, and sharp content is the key to doing just that.

Content Marketing


Surprisingly, many businesses don't know how to tell their own stories. Or maybe, they don't even know what it is and why having one is so important. We'll show you what corporate storytelling is, how it's important it is and the steps your business should take to tell your stories to the world.

custom writing


Yes, the irony is that this text is in fact, in a box. But when it comes to serving our clients, we like to have an open mind and don't put limitations on what we can do. That doesn't mean we'll take on anything, but finding creative solutions is what we're about. Whether your business needs a documentary or a custom paperback, we want to talk to you.

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