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Always Be Closing (with a video)

Custom video for business is a booming industry these days.

And it's showing no sign of letting up, as digital marketers clamor for the latest in new video to showcase their brands, services, products and customer testimonials.

Despite the proliferation of online video designed for mass-consumption, video doesn't always have to be broad-based to be effective. Video can be a powerful tool for reaching people on a personal level, too.

What I'm talking about is creating videos designed for specific people with an intended purpose in mind. Among this type of video content are two formats. The first is one I call an "icebreaker" video, and the other is what I call a "closer" video.

To elaborate, an icebreaker is designed to help quickly introduce a person, place or thing without intent on making or closing a sale. These are sometimes personalized and can easily be appended to an email signature (via link) and sent to new clients early in the conversation or sales process. Better yet, an icebreaker establishes the tone of your sales effort right off the bat.

On the other hand, a closer video works at the end of the sales cycle. It's something you use to tell a story to a specific audience or person that conveys a message to help your client(s) or customer(s) feel more confident in, and have a better understanding of, your product or service. It's best emailed or texted directly to whom you're trying to close a deal with, not posted on a website (although, I suppose it wouldn't hurt if it were).

Also, a closer video is particularly useful when constructed as a third party endorsement or testimonial to reinforce the reasons why your client or customer should make the next step.

Want to see a quick example of both? The first is an icebreaker. The second is a closer, which is also what I call a "testimonial on steroids." It's designed to help make a customer or client feel reassured in their decision to do business with you (or in the video's case, BFC Funding.) We co-produced that one with Custom Made Productions.

Both are videos designed to be delivered to people individually, most often via email (again, via link). And, they're not expected to go viral or garner lots of views. They serve specific purposes: to break the ice and to help seal the deal.



Interested in learning more about how an icebreaker or closer video can help your business? Get in touch and let's talk.

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